Hello! We’re Fingertips, a pop rock band from Portugal, and we will be in Amsterdam for the next few days.
Here you can find out a little more about us, check out our schedule and share our daily adventures… Get ready to ride your bicycle!
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Hello Amsterdam! We arrived very early in the morning and had just the perfect time to go to the apartment and take the breakfast, before we went to the studio, for the first showcase.
Desmet Studio was, years ago, a movie theatre, and you can easily notice that. It’s big and very beautiful! Now is used not just for shows, but also to radio and Tv programmes.
There were two rooms: one where we received our invitees and the other where we played. This last one, in the stage, has a brick wall. It fitted so well with the lights and everything!
We got really happy with the choice!


Second day and another round of showcases and we met a portuguese who works in MTV, here in Amsterdam! It’s awesome when this kind of coincidences happen.
After the show we went for dinner with our PR, Yvette, who took us to a restaurant in the other side of the river. Very beautiful and modern place, right next to the wharf! We also had a chance to see a real pirate boat, in the inside, where are people living and use it to travel.


Bicycles everywhere! You can’t put a feet in the street without having someone ringing a bell. And being truth… Sometimes we got a little bit distracted and just forgot about the bicycles. It’s a really healthy habit that they have. But, it’s impossible to have it in Portugal… We had to be all btt champions, because of the ups and downs!
Before the flight, we went for a short walk, just to have an idea of the city. The centre is full of typical houses, flowers and culture! Then we just bought some souvenirs and went to the airport.

See you in… Tokyo? YEAH!